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Verify ID cards and Documents with 100% Accuracy
Digital KYC Verification Software

Total KYC

TotalKYC is the largest AI-powered digital onboarding and risk-mitigating API suite. The platform allows exclusive access to 100+ APIs and is developed completely in-house. It enables automation during onboarding through OCR and matching algothorims, document verification across identity, address, employment, business, and more


Verify identities and documents in real-time


Reduce default risk through income verification APIs


Find defaulters and prioritize collections

900+ Million API calls

4000+ Cr Frauds Averted

200+ Data Sources

3 Step Customer Onboarding Journey


Upload Applicant uploads photo and KYC documents on web portal or mobile appStep


Auto-FillOCR technology auto-fills details and authenticates KYC with multiple sources


VerifyBackend receives authentication notification in real-time

Solution Differentiators

Completely Proprietary

Sandboxes are built entirely in-house, ensuring the lowest downtime and latency rates

One Stop Shop

100+ scalable microservices cover every industry, use case, and entity type

Easy of Integration

900+ clients trust Perfios APIs and SDKs for swift implementations and faster go-live

Constant Innovation

As a rule, Perfios releases four new offerings each month

Unique offerings

Feedback keeps us on our toes and helps us in developing industry-relevant solutions

Cost Effective

"Always, customer first" approach ensures that our costs remain rational

Total KYC Use Case

Customer Onboarding

Customer Identity Verification

Vendor Onboarding


Employment & Employer Verification

Address Verification

Income Verification

Professional Authentication


Bank Account Verification

Asset Background Check

Consumer Bill Verification

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