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Video KYC Verification Software

Video KYC

Onboard seamlessly with our award winning, AI powered Video KYC solution. Perfios’ encrypted audio-visual interaction warrants legitimate information dissemination, accurate identification, and offers complete privacy. The solution is fortified and meets the strictest data-security requirements.

VKYC comes packed with cognitive algorithms considering the possibility of low resolution, worn documents, shadowed/blurred or skewed images, reducing false positives by matching the photos contained in the documents with the image of the face captured during the live video call


Verify identities and documents in real-time


Reduce default risk through income verification APIs


Find defaulters and prioritize collections

Customers onboarded - 5 Million

Cost savings - 2 Million

No of banks using VKYC - 28

4 Step VKYC Customer Journey


ScanCustomer uploads the ID card, OCR instantly scans it and sends for verification


VerifyThe backend matches the ID with the video-captured image and government sources in real-time


Liveness Check Location and Liveness are established and random questions are triggered to authenticate the applicant


KYC CompleteConcurrent audit is conducted and KYC is concluded

Solution Differentiators

Ease of Integration

Enabling robust integration via APIs. Our solution can be integrated into the VKYC apps of financial institutions or can also function as a standalone app

Multilingual Support

Providing on-screen instructions in 11 regional languages that cover the entire landmass of India to enable hassle free verification

OCR Powered Template-agnostic

OCR solution with minimal requirements. Models can be trained quickly, even with images of low quality. Offering real-time, accurate data extraction

AI-Powered Cognitives

Comparing the details entered with ID cards. Provides the relevant match scores between the video captures and the images in the ID cards to determine how accurate the data is

Geotagging, Reverse Geotagging

Locating locations via latitude and longitude. Converting geographical coordinates into human-readable format to determine customer location

Identification of Proxy

Preventing malicious proxies and VPNs that hide the identity of users who might be involved in stolen credit card fraud, fake accounts, spam, etc.

Compatible Across all Major Platforms

Customer and Agent flows are available across all major platforms such as web, android (mobile and tab support), and iOS(mobile)

Built-in Call Chat

Powering agents to provide support to the customers through the built-in chat application if the customers are facing inconveniences and challenges during the Video KYC process

Exclusive Feature - Intelligent Scheduler

Based on the availability of the agents, consumers are informed of the wait time or they can book the next available time slot to complete KYC

Eliminate Paperwork and Complete Digital Onboarding in 2 and a Half Minutes!