Award Winning, AI-Powered, Name, Address, and Face Match Platform with 99% Accuracy

Digital Onboarding Solutions

AI-Powered Cognitives

Perfios offers the widest suite of cognitive solutions for digital onboarding that include the best-in-class computer vision (OCR, Face Match, Liveness, Tamper Checks, etc) and NLP Algorithms (Name Match, Address Match, Related Party Identifications across millions of legal documents, etc).

Perfios is the only provider with a proprietary unified fraud risk score encapsulating Identity, Contactability, and Employment Risk Assessment.

98.8% Model Accuracy

98% Reduction in Manual Efforts

100% Regulatory Compliant

Top 3 Cognitive Solutions

We understand region-specific needs and cater to it using relevant training datasets and state-of-the-art deep learning techniques. We keep in mind the possibility of lower resolution, region-specific faces, worn-out documents, shadowed/blurred or skewed images, etc. to match or even surpass human cognitive skills. We have so far been able to offer solutions at the scale and variety suited to the global population.

Name Match

We employ features like space index predictor for name strings, gender classifier, name and surname score based on our proprietary models and algorithms

Address Match

Our solution compartmentalizes the address in different buckets and compares the consolidated addresses with efficient fuzzy retrieval from locality databases

Face Match

The algorithm is powered with augmentation techniques to handle rotated faces and Face Attribute models. We verify liveness with 100% accuracy

Solution Differentiators

Most Comprehensive and Diverse training datasets

Piggybacking on Perfios' existing products to auto-stitch hundreds of publicly available government data sources

Widespread Adoption

Adoption. across 400+ leading players across the entire BFSI spectrum ensures that these solutions are tested at scale and diversity

Constant Innovation

Patent-pending enhancements on top of publicly available research papers, algorithms to enhance performance for the Global BFSI sector

Industry Recognition

Amazon AI in Fintech, Technoviti Super Award, NASSCOM AI-Gamechanges Award

Helping our clients grow 7x, reduce underwriting and onboarding costs by 70%, and prevent millions in fraud