Comply with Ease over the Provisions of the Prevention of Money Laundering Rules

Anti Money Laundering Software & Tools

Anti-Money Laundering

Do you still struggle with AML Compliance? Are you checking AML lists manually? Our state-of-the-art Anti money laundering solution allows users to screen and identify individuals and entities that are sanctioned under any International Sanctions list across the world.

With zero-human effort, easy integration, customizable APIs, 100% automation and cost-effective offering Perfios’ AML API is one of the hot picks to help companies and financial institutions Combat Financial Terrorism (CFT)

Solution Differentiators

“Percent Match”

Our API uses a manually tunable token match for name match algorithms. You can use the “percent_match” key to define a minimum threshold for a token match

Most Reliable

We guarantee a 99.99% uptime with our AML API and assure daily data updates and lowest latency rate among peers

Real-Time Monitoring

Our automated alert monitoring feature reduces the risk associated with AML considerably

Cost Effective

The most cost-competitive API for sanctions and PEP screenings in the industry

Make sure customers do not
pose a risk for money laundering